• The ALS utilizes learning modules. Each module is complete in itself. It contains the objectives and description of the module, learning activities, pre and post tests. Modules for the basic and lower elementary learners come with a Facilitator’s Guide. Meanwhile, modules for advanced elementary and secondary were designed for self-learning.

In the conduct of ALS sessions, use of supplementary learning materials is being encouraged particularly those that are developed by the Facilitator to suit the local need and context and are locally available.

  • In partnership with various organizations, both local and international, the DepED-BALS was able to adapt and or produce print and non-print learning materials to supplement the existing modules in the conduct of ALS learning sessions.

Supplementary materials are important in the conduct of ALS learning sessions. Additional materials make learning sessions more effective by reinforcing newly acquired literacy skills. They also serve as springboards to new lesson, thus, making learning more fun and interesting. Used of multi-media also gives both Facilitators and learners chance to access new information and technology and activates multi-sensory learning.