Accountability:  To provide the regional office with efficient, economical, and effective services relating to personnel, records, receipt of correspondence, supplies, equipment, collection, disbursement, security and custody of property, and reportorial work to oversight agencies.


Specific Functions: 

  1. Install and implement in the region the required administrative systems – recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, personnel action and records, benefits administration, supplies and equipment procurement, recording and disposal, ground and building maintenance, and reporting- for greater work efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Provide administrative services and ensure continuous improvement in the delivery of services
  3. Provide the Regional Director with the necessary staff advice, assistance, and services on personnel action
  4. Manage and implement personnel actions  to all employees in the regional office, except for the RD and ARD
  5. Provide administrative support to the Regional Director in the evaluation of performance of all SDSs and ASDSs in the region and make recommendations to CO in coordination with HRD, for appropriate personnel action
  6. Provide administrative support the implementation of the performance appraisal system for all employees in the region and implement reward and recognition system in coordination with the HR Division and the division chiefs or heads of units in the regional office
  7. Establish a mechanism to implement national policy on personnel assistance program (to recommend to CO to establish a national policy)
  8. Plan and manage the effective and efficient use of all personnel of the regional office in accordance with existing rules
  9. Implement administrative and disciplinary sanctions imposed on erring regional office personnel, and act as the coordinating unit for the implementation of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system in the region.
  10. In coordination with the FTA Division, provide technical assistance to the schools division offices as regards administrative services