Accountability: To ensure compliance with standards of quality basic education by assessing, monitoring and evaluating the region and schools division performances to inform decision making and guide policy directions in the region towards continuous improvement in the delivery of basic education.

Specific Functions:

a. Assessment

  • Manage the operationalization of the national assessment framework in the region and schools divisions by implementing processes and tools or developing them as needed.
  • Oversee the implementation of the regional  assessment program  in the schools divisions
  • Provide technical assistance to schools divisions in the utilization of national and regional assessment results for improving resource allocation and provision of intervention programs

b. Quality Assurance

  • Manage a regional quality management system to ensure quality education planning, quality assured processes for program and project implementation  and quality control of education outcomes across schools divisions
  • Develop evaluative criteria and standards on the implementation of all education programs – instructional and non-instructional
  • Quality assure the systems and processes in the region and schools divisions in compliance with standards and guidelines on:

-The establishment, operation, conversion, separation, integration, accreditation and management of both public and private schools and learning centers (LCs).

-In coordination with the FTA Division, the provision of technical assistance to the schools division offices

-Implementation of division-based INSET programs & other services of the NEAP in the Regions

-Compliance of the schools division offices to the staffing pattern set by the region

-Allocation and utilization of resources by the schools divisions

  • Conduct research studies and policy reviews on regional standards and programs

c. M&E

  • Lead in the development of an M&E system for the Region
  • Manage a Regional Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (RMEA) strategy in the region following its M&E system framework
  • Develop processes and tools for monitoring regional services to support basic education and organizational performance
  • Submit quarterly and annual reports on the monitoring and evaluation results of regional and schools divisions performance along :

-Education programs and projects

-Education services

-Education resources

-Organizational effectiveness

-Organizational support

  • Provide technical assistance to the schools divisions in developing and managing the Division Monitoring, Evaluation and Plan Adjustment process