• Skills acquired in an INFED course will be recorded in the INFED Passport, which serves as the learning portfolio of the individual learner. The INFED passport contains the skills acquired by the learner after participating in an INFED course as reported by both the Resource Person and the INFED facilitator.

To assess the skills acquired by the learner at the end of the course, the following techniques may be applied.

  1. Self- Assessment – the learner evaluates his/ her own performance.
  2. Coaching- the facilitator guides the learner on the skills being mastered.
  3. Exhibit of Products or Outputs or evidences of learning.
  4. Skills Sorting- the facilitator analyzes and evaluates the skills gained.

-In addition, the INFED skills of the learners may be accredited by relevant accrediting agencies. For example, learners who have completed a technical- vocational INFED course may take the TESDA National Certificate ( NC ) test and if successful, may be certified accordingly. In the case of arts courses , language  courses, etc., appropriate accrediting institution or agencies may issue the certification needed upon successful passing agency test. As a rule, INFED operates in the context of lifelong learning and does not aim for certification or accreditation.