TALK ABOUT TAKING INITIATIVE. TALK ABOUT BEING ENTERPRISING. Think of these teachers who, instead of complaining, looked for ways to connect through webinar.

The series of webinars given to teachers were designed to prepare them in the new learning modalities. DepEd ensures that all teachers will be ready in the opening of classes on August 24, 2020.

The first day of the three-day webinar on The New Normal Classroom Modality Teaching recorded more than 144K views with teachers listening and learning.

The teachers were encouraged to participate. After the training, majority of them had high spirits in their quest to face this new challenge.

The teachers in these photos are laudable, let alone edifying. Despite the lack of resources like internet connection, these teachers went out of their way to be connected. They went out of their way to find means to help themselves, to help the schools division that they belong.

No excuses though for lack of equipment or internet connectivity especially in the far-flung areas. But DepEd will make sure the needed resources for the new learning modalities will be provided them before the opening of classes.

The courage of these teachers to look for ways and create something out of nothing is an epitome of what public school teachers are – to serve with all their hearts.

While others look at these photos with disdain, many look at them as heroes; unheralded but honest, courageous, and true.

How many times have we heard about teachers crossing many rivers by foot to reach their schools? Or teachers who had to walk for four hours to get to their learners?

These are just the many heroic acts of our teachers.

The teachers simply showed patriotism…so selfless so others, their learners, will be served.

Maraming salamat sa ating mga guro! Mabuhay po kayo!