Evelyn R. Fetalvero, CESO IV

Evelyn R. Fetalvero, CESO IV
OIC – Regional Director

My heartfelt congratulations to all our Senior High School graduates!

Your journey in high school ends here, and you will be facing a new chapter of your life. Some may go to college; others may work or start a business. Whatever it is that pleases your heart, always remember that the vista ahead is wide and limitless. Have a heart that embraces new open windows, and a mind that explores possibilities.

Your experiences in Senior High School have prepared you to face the challenges of the future. With values learned in high school and reasons intelligently formed in you, your life would be most exciting and challenging. Face life ahead undaunted by challenges. Your school did not only teach you academic competencies, but it taught you life’s values to have the courage to choose the right option to live better lives. It is only by taking the best option that your dream of a better life ahead becomes real.

The Department of Education is focusing on Sulong Edukalidad: Championing the nation’s future. We earnestly hope that your life in basic education has made you to be the person you always wanted to be. You are our nation’s future. Your contributions, whether in ideas or actions, will be a great factor in defining the future of our nation.

As you take on another ladder in life, always remember the wisdom learned from our forefathers – there is no glory without sacrifice. The journey ahead to achieving your dream is often uncertain and hard. But take it with courage because, no matter how hard life is, heaven will not give you loads you cannot carry.

Sail on and always keep the hope alive and burning in your heart. Take this to heart always – when you feel that the road ahead is dark, do not forget that night is darkest when dawn is near. When it looks so dark ahead, your dream is just a very short distance away.
May God bless your journey.

Assistant Regional Director
Office of the Regional Director