Many people suffer in this global health pandemic, but it has also become a blessing to some people.
Gianna Nicole De Guzman, a Grade 4 SSES (Special Science Elementary School) learner of Digos City Central Elementary School (DCCES) who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last year, considered this pandemic as valuable as ever. It is now, during her trying times, that she received the gift of family togetherness.
The opening of classes last October 2020 was Gianna’s 4th cycle of her chemotherapy. Her situation does not hinder her to continue schooling. Although she cannot attend her online class regularly due to her situation, she was consistent in doing all the tasks in the module.
“I was worried if answering the modules will add stress to Gianna, but she insisted on getting her modules. I was surprised then, upon checking her answers that it was her handwriting, and she answered well on the activities, “ Gloria Escalante, her Science teacher, said.
Her classmates had sent her cards and gifts to uplift her and the DCCES family including teachers, parents, and learners had given financial assistance to help her with her other needs during her chemotherapy.
“My husband and I were so grateful for we never thought that we will receive such great support from her classmates and their parents, as well as from the teachers of DCCES, especially Gianna’s adviser, Teacher Lorelei,” Leah Theresa De Guzman, Gianna’s mother, said.
Despite Gianna’s health condition, the eagerness to learn is still seen on her fragile physique. No instance that she failed to answer her modules even when she was confined in the hospital.
“I feel blessed and lucky because Papa God makes some ways for me to continue my studies. If there is no pandemic, I am sure I will not be able to enroll in Grade 4 because my health condition will not allow me. And for me, this pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for me,” Gianna said.
For now, Gianna’s seven-month struggle on chemotherapy has ended and she is into oral chemotherapy. She is also excited to attend her online class and to see her classmates online whom she dearly missed so much.
Gianna’s story makes us ponder on so many things. Love, hope, and faith matter most.
By Lorelei B. Gorgonio