The workforce of Bayanihan Elementary School in Marilog District in Davao City visited the underprivileged children to not only distribute self-learning modules (SLMs) but to conduct reading sessions, proper handwashing, and proper toothbrushing activities. This is indeed going an extra mile for the children!
But going to the community was not easy. They needed to walk one hour to get there. The trail was muddy and slippery. Yet, all of them were inspired to get to the community to make sure the children feel their love and presence.
Following a strict health protocol with the approval and assistance of the barangay, Barbara Jane B. Bongato, the school principal, said they distributed SLMs and some learning and health kits.
“The activity was about our continued effort to promote quality and accessible education to our IP community despite the pandemic. We made sure that we cater those learners who are underprivileged. The highlight of the community visit was to conduct home visitation to connect with the parents and learners,” she said.
The parents were thrilled that the whole school workforce showed up and conducted all those activities. They said they appreciated their effort in making their children feel that they are equally important as the rest of the other learners.
The school has always linked and collaborated with the barangay since they deliver and retrieve modules on a weekly basis.
“The school has crafted a Memorandum of Understanding as well as a letter of request addressed to Barangay Captain Arnold Angit. We also coordinated with purok leaders, barangay functionaries, and PTA representative to assist us in accomplishing the activity,” Bongato added.
Their act of going an extra mile manifests how they take teaching as their vocation embedded in their hearts.
“This is a beautiful initiative of our school head and teachers of Bayanihan ES. They visited our children in their respective communities, brought some slippers, school supplies, and other goods. This is not usually done in ordinary times,” Assistant Regional Director Maria Ines C. Asuncion said while recognizing all their efforts.