Regional Directory

Division/OfficeChief/Head of OfficeDesignationContact Info
Office of the Regional DirectorAtty. Alberto T. Escobarte CESO IIIRegional Director(082) 291-1665,(082) 221-6417(Fax)
Office of the Assistant Regional DirectorTeresita G. TambaganOfficer-In-Charge, Office of the Assistant Regional Director(082) 224-0468
Curriculum & Learning Management Division Janette G. VelosoChief Education Supervisor(082) 222-2653
Education Support Services DivisionWarlito E. HuaChief Education Supervisor(082) 224-0748
Field Technical Assistance DivisionMary Jeanne B. AldeguerChief Education Supervisor(082) 224-0749
Quality Assurance DivisionRoy T. EnriquezOfficer-In-Charge, Quality Assurance Division(082) 224-0751
Policy, Planning & Research DivisionMarilyn B. MadrazoChief Education Supervisor(082) 224-0750
Human Resource & Development Division Lorna F. MapinogosChief Education Supervisor(082) 221-7611
Finance DivisionExuperio L. Morta/ Lito EnrileChief Administrative Officer(082) 221-7750/(082) 225-8495
Administrative Services DivisionMariblanca P. PiatosOfficer-In-Charge, Administrative Division(082) 225-0816

Other Offices

OfficeContact Info
Asset/Supply(082) 227-0941
Cashier(082) 224-0352
Legal(082) 227-1102
Public Affairs Unit/ Information and Communication Technology Unit(082) 291-1738
Payroll Services Unit(082) 228-6358
Records(082) 224-0752
General Services Unit(082) 224-0117
NEAP(082) 227-2009
NEAP-Dormitory(082) 227-8865