• ALS is intended for out-of-school youth and adults who are 16 years old or older and beyond basic school age that need basic literacy skills particularly in reading, writing and simple computation.

These people are usually located in far-flung communities with no or limited access to formal schools.

  1. In 2008, it was estimated that 36.35 million or 40% of the total Philippine population did not complete basic education. This population is considered the target groups of the alternative learning system.
  2. The first priority of ALS are the 27.53 million 15 years old and above. Meanwhile, the aggregated 8.8 million target learners that are comprised of the 6-11 years old (5.7 million) and 12-15 (3.1 million) years old are its second priority.
  3. Specially, this group of marginalized learners consists of street children, indigenous peoples, farmers, fisher folks, women, adolescents, solo parents, children in conflict area not reached by the formal school system, rebel returnees, and others