Atty. Alberto T. Escobarte
Atty. Alberto T. Escobarte, CESO III
Regional Director

As we gather once more to celebrate both the Moving Up Program of 121,797 Kindergarten and 80,983 Grade 10 learners and the Graduation Ceremonies of the 119,595 Grade 6 and 62,073 Grade 12 learners from public and private schools of the Department of Education Region XI for School Year 2018-2019, our thoughts turn into profuse greetings for the significant achievements of our learners in their formative years.

The occasion’s theme “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All” speaks volumes of the unique distinction and humble beginnings of our learners from where we anchor our aspirations, and nurture them with the 21st Century Skills.

We convey also our warmest congratulations to the parents of the learners. DepED Region XI felt blessed and grateful to have parents who care and sacrifice a lot for the education of their children. Thank you for instilling them the values with a strong passion for learning and for doing everything possible to put them on the path to greatness.

Learning in school is full of challenges and difficulties that sometimes affect the meeting of standards of Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Values. Nevertheless, pivotal in the process of transformation are the teachers and school heads who demonstrated commitment to help learners overcome those challenges and reach coveted success.

To the learners, who are the heart of this milestone, continue to be the creator of your own transformation and be proud to retell your own culture, history, family, community and country of the wonderful impact as you connect to the real world. The DepED Regional Office XI will be happy to hear the learner’s narratives of triumphs as manifestation of our aspiration to make Davao Region as top-notch in nurturing and developing 21st century learners through inclusive education anchored on our core values of EAGLE such as Empowerment, Adaptability,  Goal-Oriented, Leadership and Excellence.

Once again, I congratulate the graduates of SY 2018-2019 as well as those who will move up to the next grade levels. I hope that you will rise like and Eagle to the challenge of our times and will succeed not only in your academic preparations but also in the performance of your respective roles in the future. God bless!




Regional Director